We, PLEXIMUM TEAM aims to deliver high quality HEVC encodes for anime or live action. In the beginning of our project, we only target to do bluray release. After huge demand for weekly anime content, we then begin to release the most popular or interesting title and continue to expand more each season. Although all content you get is free from our service, it still cost us significant amount of money to run this project. For example, web hosting bills.

How to support us?

1. Share this website with your friends, thus we can get more revenue from ads to pay for hosting.
2. Donate any amount that you like to our bitcoin wallet;-

BitCoin: 3BMLLXJe5dbADAdGG2WbqSNVS91HNPyuuf

What will you do to extra money that you get?

1. Buy extra hardware, so we can release content more frequent such as bluray anime.
2. Buy more premium account, thus we can provide more mirrors. (Yearly or lifetime).