Frequently Asked Question

Why you only encode in 720P resolution?
From statistic that we had, people mostly won’t downloading 480P or 1080P release compared to 720P. 720P is the best resolution versus file size to be displayed on any device.

Note: Starting Oct 2017, we will be doing both 720P and 1080P ONLY for bluray source.

Can you provide another mirror?
For the time being, we will only providing mirror to USERSCLOUD and GOOGLE DRIVE.

Why all your release is inside 7zip archive with password protected?
This to make content you download is secret and anonymous as possible. You can also get the idea for file corruption by checking it’s CRC32 value using 7-Zip or WinRAR.

Where is game, movie, software and music download release?
We had to remove them since we want to focus on anime release type only.

What is password to extract 7zip archive?
Password for all 7zip archive is

Why you are not replying our comment?
If your comment is stupid thanks to your ignorant habit of NOT READING such as “What is the password?” or “Which group is releasing this subtitle”, then expect zero byte of reply.

Why you not telling filesize of encode?
Each encode have various file size. To index every release by its part or episode is time consuming for us. Simply click on link to get idea of “how big the files size is”. We always targeted below 200 MB for WEB TV quality and below 350 MB for Bluray TV quality.

Why your release is pretty much late sometime?
Most of Pleximum Staff don’t sit infont of their computer at all times, and we are more efficient to do/release content in batch.

Torrent? Are you uploading to torrent?
No we won’t.