Frequently Asked Question

Will you release x264/AVC encodes?
Our headline says: Pleximum – Your source of HEVC x265 encodes

No. We won’t.

What video resolution can I download?
We offer 720P video resolution for WEB/TV quality for anime series, while both 720P and 1080P video resolution for BD/Bluray quality for completed anime series and movies. Special case for anime movie, we will release both 720P and 1080P if there is no BD’s version. We won’t do 480P resolution for now.
What are file extension for video?
A dumb question that should never be ask, but here we go. We will 100% use *.MKV, since fansub/source mostly use softsub, has the ability for dual audio, adding font as attachment since your computer “maybe” don’t have certain font that make subs attractive and fancy thing such as video cover.
What filesize can we expect?
Filesize that we aim is as follows;-

Quality Resolution Duration (HH:MM:SS) Filesize
WEB 720P 00:20:00 – 00:24:00 100MB – 190MB
WEB 720P < 00:05:00 20MB – 80MB
WEB 720P > 01:30:00 750MB – 1GB
WEB 1080P > 01:30:00 950MB – 1.6GB
BD 720P 00:20:00 – 00:24:00 190MB – 250MB
BD 1080P 00:20:00 – 00:24:00 250MB – 500MB
BD 720P > 01:30:00 750MB – 1GB
BD 1080P > 01:30:00 950MB – 1.6GB
What mirror host do you provide?
We offer Google Drive and UptoBox host.
Why video are stored in 7zip archive with password protected?
This to ensure content you download is anonymous, ability to verify checksum error and help us to prevent groups that links to their own blog/website instead of us. By using our domain name as password, people will eventually visit our website.
What is password to extract 7zip files?
Password for all 7zip archive is
Will you uploading torrent for encodes?
No we won’t.
Can we request anime that you haven’t release?
28 April 2018: We are closing request section for now.