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In this world, cats aren't furry four-footed creatures, but human-like girls with ears, tails, and cat-like behaviors. Still kept as pets, they're allowed out on their own if they pass a special training and wear their bells. A young man running his own patisserie lives with two of these cats, Chocola and Vanilla, who help him out around the store. Maple and Cinnamon, two of the cats from home, also come in everyday, and together they enjoy a sweet life. Even if the cats don't always get along – and Azuki and Coconut certainly don't – things are peaceful and calm until a stray kitten follows Chocola home.

Anime Info

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Studios: Felix Film
Premier: Winter 2020
Genre: Comedy , Romance

Encode Info

Source: WEB
Encode Codec: HEVC / x265 / h265
Resolution: 720P
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Single Episode

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